Kpop Music Monday #4: Got7, “Confession Song [free dance live video]”

This week’s Music Monday is a live video from one of my favorite groups, Got7.

Usually, kpop artists will release a variety of videos for one single. They’ll have the official music video; a “performance video” version where they perform all the choreography (usually on one of the sets that were featured in the official music video); a “dance practice” video where they perform the choreo whilst goofing around in a dance practice room; a “relay dance” video where they all stand in a line and dance the choreo, alternating between dancing in front and moving to the back at random intervals; and usually there’s some silly video like them trying to perform the song while decorating a cake at the same time.

Sometime in late 2015, Got7 released a “free dance live video” of the group singing their song, “Confession Song.” The official music video features the group helping high school students make love confessions, and it takes place during the Christmas season. The song itself features sleigh bells and is very, very Christmas-y. Hence, the live video takes place in a simple room with a bed, Christmas tree, two cameras, and the insanity that is Got7.

It is through videos like these that we get to see each member’s unique personality, as well as how they all interact. If you didn’t like a group before you see a video like this one, you probably will afterwards. If you already liked the group, then you probably start to form a bias, or member that’s your favorite.

Does anyone know who my bias is in Got7?

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