Kpop Music Monday #9: ReacttotheK

This week’s Music Monday features youtube channel ReacttotheK.

Back when I first started listening to kpop, it wasn’t popular. At all. No one could understand just why I loved it so much, especially since I didn’t speak Korean. Had this channel been around then, I would have felt a lot less alone and had some armor to fight with. Sometimes good music is really just… good music.

The channel is fairly straight-forward: a group of classical musicians sit down and are shown a kpop music video. Some members are regulars and might be familiar with the groups shown, and others are approaching the genre for the first time.

It’s so refreshing to see people who know music theory be surprised by a tempo change, or give a reason why you loved that one particular part of a song.

What I appreciate the most about the channel is the carefully curated songs that they react to. Some songs aren’t necessarily that musically interesting or ground-breaking but may be a fan favorite so just one or two of the guys (usually the founder Umu and another guest) will react to it; other songs are chosen because they are

Take a listen below to hear some of the musicians playing a kpop medley from 2018!

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