Kpop Music Monday #10: Lim Kim, “Awoo”

I’ve been following 1theK’s YouTube for several years now, and occasionally it’ll give me a gem of a song from someone who is either signed with a lesser known label or known domestically but not internationally.

Back in April of 2015, I was working at a very horrible job with an abusive, alcoholic boss. The business was failing; we never had enough money to pay our vendors, let alone our employees. This song caught my attention for the usual reasons: colorful video, black cat, catchy chorus. Even though at the time I had no idea that it was a love song (with a few questionable homophobic lyrics), it was catchy enough to keep me distracted while I told my boss to shove it and started a new line of work in specialty coffee.

After falling off the face of the planet, Lim Kim came back. Kinda. It’s not the shiny, rainbow pop of her previous releases, but something more artistic, something bolder, and something that seems a little more “real.”

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