Kpop Music Monday #42: GLAM, “I Like That”

BigHit (you know… BTS’ company) had a girl group? Yes, in the early 2010s they had a girl group named GLAM and they would have probably continued performing had one of the members not become embroiled in a massive blackmailing scandal…

GLAM debuted in 2012, debuting initially as on a television program up until their official debut with the song “Party (XXO).” Originally a five-member group, one of the members left within six months of the group’s debut.

In 2014, veteran actor Lee Byung-hun (Front Man in Squid Game, among other roles) accused two women of blackmailing him with an incriminating video for a total of 5 billion won. One of those women was GLAM’s Dahee, and once the information was made public, GLAM quickly disbanded in light of the controversy. Both women received jail time, although Lee came forward and requested leniency and they were both released after having served six months.

What would have happened if the scandal hadn’t existed? Would the group have gone on to fame? Would BigHit have focused their attention on GLAM and not on that other group that would go on to debut in 2013 and take the world by storm? I still think the songs I’ve heard of GLAM have all been bops and the group had potential

In the following video, Jimin from BTS makes a cameo. Can you spot him?

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