Café Review: Unicoff

My current favorite café is Unicoff, located near Uijeongbu Station. I believe credit goes to Mine for finding this café and saying something along the lines of “it looks like it’s your type of café,” meaning they offer hand-drip coffee. Ever since I realized that I’m lactose intolerant, cafe trips can be kind of boring in Korea as espresso-based beverages are the norm here and many cafes have yet to jump on the alternative milk train. It gets boring drinking iced americano after iced americano and there’s nothing sadder than wasting a Lactaid pill on a sub-par latte.

Nestled in an alleyway, this quaint little café is tucked away from the main side street but still gets plenty of business. One of the drawbacks is that without any windows bar the main door, it can feel kind of stuffy inside even with the cute decor.

The pastries are good and I believe made in-house, and the hand-drip menu is awesome. It changes often and usually features a good mix of coffees from all over the world at various price points. And as I’m always made fun of for getting excited about, yes, the geisha coffees they offer that usually go for 12,000 won (about $12 USD). This place, however, is worth taking a Lactaid pill for, although I usually just drink two hand-drip coffees when I go.

The baristas are super nice and seem to have adopted an orange street cat they’ve affectionately named Cheese. Sometimes a small dish of food and water is placed outside for said cat.

Click below to watch them create some of their unique drinks!

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Address: 의정부시 평화로 542 1층 골목

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