Rubber Ducky, You’re the One…

banners on a lightpost featuring side and front shots of the rubber duck, along with information

Get yourself some friends willing to travel with you into downtown Seoul to visit an 18-meter-tall inflatable rubber duck.

This was the second time for ol’ Rubber Ducky to float in the Seokchon Lake–back in 2014, it did so to celebrate the opening of Lotte World Tower and its attached shopping mall. (This is the tallest building in South Korea and the sixth tallest in the world.)

The project is from Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman:

“Florentijn Hofman (B.1977~) is a Dutch-born public artist who is active around the world. Hoffman works on reproducing objects that are easily accessible in real life in a huge size. The artist, such as a giant rabbit made of boards and a 16-meter-long monkey made of flip-flop slippers, creates large public art works with objects that represent regional characteristics or materials common in everyday life. The goal is to provide unexpected pleasure to people’s lives through works, and we would like to produce works with various daily materials to deliver healing and happiness experiences beyond simple exhibitions.”

After seeing the rubber duck, we walked around the lake before venturing to get some coffee and a meal (Outback Steakhouse). We ended up at Wicker Park, which was hosting a coffee pop-up featuring Camouflage Coffee. I had two excellent iced pour-overs from Camouflage and sipped my friend’s vanilla bean latte, which she commented was one of the best lattes she’s had in Korea. Definitely check out both of these companies out when you’re in Songpa!

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