Korean Laundromat

Recently, two laundromats popped up in my neighborhood. Here’s a quick tour and how they’re different from laundromats in the US!

For starters, no need to lug around your detergent, as these washing machines will automatically add it. If you want a dryer sheet, however, you’ll have to pay 500 won (approximately 50 US cents) and you can also purchase a large, clean plastic bag to put your cleaned laundry in.

Got dirty shoes? There’s a washing machine for that, as well as a dryer.

You can pay with cash or card, and I was able to manage paying with card without having to rely on Papago, but I think you could use the machines even if you had zero Korean skill.

If I had this in my building, I would totally use it all the time, as I’m currently only able to use a relatively small washing machine and then hang-drying my laundry. It isn’t too far away that I mind lugging my blanket there, however.

And all of it beats having to hand wash all of my clothing, which I did for a year when I lived in India.

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