Café Review: Groove Coffee Roasters

My favorite non-chain café in Korea is Groove Coffee Roasters.

wood panels surrounding large windows on the first floor of a building at an intersection

I’ve been here a couple of times, so these photos are going to be out of order and out of time. I hear there are more changes coming, so stay tuned!

I first heard about Groove through facebook. Being a barista, I was interested in finding a Korean green bean coffee roaster, and someone recommended Groove to me. In addition to roasting their own coffee, they have delicious pastries made in-house. For my birthday, my friend requested a coffee cupping, which is something they used to offer prior to Covid-19. The owner, Chris, was super nice and helpful.

Groove is the kind of cafe that will spoil you if you happen to live nearby, because you’ll have no reason to go to any other cafe. Good pastries? Check. Good vibes? Check. Good coffee? Check and double-check.

Find them on Instagram: @groovecoffeeroasters

Buy beans from them here!

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