Café Review: Café Onion, Mia

Café Onion, Mia, was actually the first Café Onion I visited in Korea. Located in the Mia district of Seoul, it stands unassumingly next to a post office, under an awning. Unless you know what you’re looking for or spot the signage, you could easily walk past this gem.

This Café Onion is the smallest and serves far fewer pastries than the others, but the drinks are still made to the same high quality. There is also a plaque on the wall stating the designer’s intention, which reads:

Design: Fabrikr

Location: Seoul Gangbuk Post Office

Dimension: 220m²

Year: 2018

They try to fill the empty space with light and let the sun spend its time and the tree breathe.

I hope it will be such a space that becomes a landscape of contemplation for some and an inspiration for a new life for others.

What I like the best about this Onion is that it is tucked away and always seems a little less busy than its counterparts. The interior lighting is very neat and the space feels very comfortable. As always, the coffee is good and I’m glad they serve oat milk.

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