Remembering Sara Holmes

Sara Holmes, aka “HojuSara”, passed away in early September of 2022 after a short, yet fierce, battle with leukemia.

Sara was one of my favorite YouTubers, the kind of person that you hope one day to be able to meet and say hello. An Australian, she loved everything about Korea but ran her YouTube in a different manner than other expats–for starters, it was mostly in Korean with added English subs that I will be forever thankful for.

Sara was beloved by so many people. Her bright energy can be seen in all of her videos. She was passionate about life and loved hard, and I can say this without having had the luck to know her personally.

Occasionally, she would hold a livestream on Instagram and the two times that she read my comments on air made me so happy. (She even got my username right!)

I’m not going to link to the video in which her fiance Hyun tells the news of her passing, because, frankly, I haven’t even been able to watch it all the way through. Instead, here is a video of Sara in action, the Sara we knew through the screen, and the Sara we loved.

Sara, it isn’t fair that you had to leave us so soon. You will be sorely missed. And yes, since goodbyes are sad, until the next time we meet, !!

Sara and her fiance Hyun, wearing modern pastel pink hanbok

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